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Express™ Nozzle Body End Cap Advantage


The ExpressTM Nozzle Body End Cap provides a unique and critical function on today’s modern sprayers solving an important issue for today’s applicator—shutoff lag. Modern sprayers are larger and move faster through the field than ever before. The get-bigger, go-faster trend will continue. As spray distribution systems grow wider, applicators see unacceptable increases in the amount of time it takes for nozzles to stop emitting spray after the boom section valves are closed. This lag can be 5 or 10 seconds, or more. A delay of just 5 seconds on a sprayer moving at a moderate speed through the field can cause overspray of more than 70 feet beyond the intended stop point. Express end caps solve this problem while providing additional benefits applicators demand.


Studies of the problem revealed that most all of the delay was caused by air trapped in boom pipes and hose. When liquid is pumped into the system where air is preset the result is trapped air. Air is a compressible gas. In a conventional boom the in-rush of liquid covers the bottom of the pipe and the nozzle body ports located in the bottom of the pipe. The air is trapped at the top of the pipe and has no escape route.

Without Express End Cap


When the section valve is closed, liquid is no longer being supplied to the pipe but the compressed air in the pipe is still a source of pressure. The effect of this stored source of pressure in the boom pipe is the experience of shutoff lag.

The Express End Cap solves the issue caused by trapped air by giving air a channel to bleed out automatically. When air is present it is forced towards the end of the pipe to the nozzle body end cap and is immediately expelled through the spray tip.

With Express End Cap


The Express End Cap manages the problem where other systems work only to manage the symptom. Components such as flow back valves, air stops and electronic solenoids do not eliminate air from the boom pipe. They do manage shutoff lag but leaving air in the boom can have other unintended effects on spray quality.


Features and Benefits:

·         When the boom is completely filled with liquid, the nozzle body’s Diaphragm Check Valve (DCV) activation time is greatly improved, by as much as 85%

·         Using Express nozzle body end caps will contribute to better boom hygiene by eliminating the “dead-end” termination of pipe that allows chemical residue to build up and air to accumulate

·         The additional option of a removable end plug allows easy access for boom cleanout to flush debris from boom pipe

·         The Express nozzle body end cap is currently available for 1-in. nominal pipe (1.315-in. OD)


Express End Cap with nozzle body terminating the end of wet boom pipe is a passive system that decreases nozzle body shutoff times while providing

additional benefits.



Express™ Nozzle Body End Cap (A)


Retrofit Installation Kit (B)



End Cap Plug and Retainer Repair Kit (C)


End Cap Clamp and O-ring Repair Kit (D)


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Express™ Nozzle Body End Cap




Retrofit Installation Kit




End Cap Plug and Retainer Repair Kit




End Cap Clamp and O-ring Repair Kit


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