Engine parts

Maintenance and wear characteristics


Oil and Filters


Proper engine lubrication is critical to maintaining engine performance and life. Use of oil and filters designed for specific engines is essential. John Deere oil is specially formulated to suspend contaminating particles as long as possible. Without regular oil and filter changes, the oil will become overloaded and contaminating particles may enter the engine. Be sure to change oil and filters as recommended in the Operator's Manual.


Maintenance Guidelines:

·        John Deere oil is developed to provide engines with maximum protection for the longest life possible.

·        Not all oils are the same! John Deere oils exceed all industry requirements.

·        John Deere engineers continually formulate, test, and re-formulate John Deere oils to achieve maximum performance.

·        Oil testing at change intervals will alert the operator of potential failures. More-frequent testing may be required when engines operate under heavy loads. A comprehensive oil-testing program is available through John Deere.

·        John Deere Break-In Oil is recommended for the first 100 hours of operation in new, remanufactured, and overhauled engines. A longer break-in period may be required if oil consumption is detected in the first 100 hours of operation, or if the engine has significant operating time at idle, constant speeds, and/or light load usage. An additional 100 hour break-in period is recommended in these situations, using a new change of Break-In Oil. While using Break-In Oil, do not mix with regular engine oil.

·        Not all filters are the same.  John Deere oil filters meet specifications established by John Deere engineers for John Deere engines. Each engine design has its own requirements for protection and performance.


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