Limited Performance Warranty


John Deere Company guarantees Plus-50 Engine Oil will meet or exceed the performance needs of diesel engines. Regardless of hours or miles, John Deere company will pay for any damages (parts and labor) to your engine which are caused by an oil defect so long as:


The oil defect is verified by oil analysis.

The engine oil used is confirmed to be unadulterated and non-contaminated Plus-50.

Plus-50 meets the engine manufacturer's specifications for the service and application.

The engine is used under normal operating conditions and maintained according to manufacturer's recommendations.


To secure warranty service, report the product failure to an authorized John Deere dealer.


To make a claim under this warranty, it will be necessary to provide the following, as part of the technical investigation:


Records showing that the engine was serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Submit an oil sample from the failed engine for analysis to determine if oil is defective.

Make available the failed engine.


John Deere disclaims all liability for indirect or consequential damages.


Your rights and remedies pertaining to this warranty are limited as set forth herein. Implied warranties of merchantability and fitness are not made and are excluded.

DKE7328 (02-09)