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Break-in Plus, Special Purpose Engine Oil


Break-in Plus is a special purpose engine oil developed to be used in rebuilt or remanufactured engines and new John Deere engines during the initial break-in period.

This next generation oil is formulated to provide a controlled environment for piston rings and cylinder liners to establish a good surface mating for maximum performance and long engine life. At the same time, Break-In Plus provides the necessary wear protection for valve train and gears.



Break-In Plus is designed to be used in rebuilt or remanufactured engines and new John Deere engines for the initial oil service interval. Operate the engine under various conditions, particularly heavy loads with minimal idling, to help seat engine components properly.


Break-In Plus delivers performance and protection for an initial service interval equal to that of our premium Plus-50 II. During the initial operation of a new or remanufactured engine with Break-In Plus, change the oil and filter between a minimum of 100 hours and a maximum of up to 500 hours. The 100 hour minimum applies to all new or remanufactured engines, regardless of Tier. The maximum service interval is the same as the service interval recommendations for Plus-50 and/or Plus-50 II, up to 500 hours. Check your operator manual for the maximum interval recommendation.


Features and Benefits

        Contains special additives to control piston ring and liner seating without scuffing

        These additives allow rings and liners to seat while protecting valve train and gears from wear

        Piston rings and liners establish a good wear pattern for maximum performance and extended engine life


Break-In Plus provides two major differences from traditional Break-In oil

        Meets the oil requirements for Interim Tier 4 (IT4) engines and supports all legacy engines

        Service drain interval up to 500 hours (1)


John Deere Break-In Plus Engine Oil can be used for all John Deere diesel engines at all emission certification levels.


(1) Always follow Operator Manual


Initial Service Intervals

The initial break-in service interval of a new or remanufactured wet sleeve engine with Break-In Plus must go at least 100 hours to assure the surface mating of the rings and liners has had an opportunity to occur. The 100 hour minimum applies to all new or remanufactured wet-sleeve John Deere diesel engines, regardless of Tier certification level.

The maximum initial oil service interval when using Break-In Plus is the same as the service interval recommendations for Plus-50 II.

This table indicates both the minimum and maximum recommended initial intervals when using Break-In Plus, Break-In, or a blend of the two:



(1) Specific to John Deere diesel engines using John Deere filters, using Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) at 15 ppm or less Sulfur content, and the engine is operating within the original factory specifications affecting rated power output, including engine control units (ECUs) and fuel delivery systems.

(2) Consult with the Operators Manual for break in procedures when involving a non John Deere engine.

(3) The engine must be using Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) at 15 ppm or lower Sulfur content.


Change the oil and oil filter at least once every 12 months even if the hours of operation are fewer than the otherwise recommended service interval.


Chemical and physical properties



ASTM method






mm2/s (cSt)

D 445



@ 40oC





@ 100oC





Viscosity index


D 2270



Pour point


D 97



Flash point


D 92



Total base number


D 2896



Sulfated ash


D 874



HTHS, @ 150oC


D 4624




Break-In Plus Q & A

Q Break-In Plus Oil What is the recommendation for top off, specifically, in areas (regions) where Break-In Plus is not offered?

Break-In Plus will be required in our wet sleeve IT4 engines for emission compliance. Either Break-In or Break-In Plus oil can be used in our non- IT4 wet sleeve diesel engines.

If an IT4 engine is delivered into a region yet to be supported by our Break-In Plus, the end customer should keep the factory fill Break-In Plus in service for at least 100 hours. If the oil consumption or loss dictates additional make up volume, options are limited to API CJ-4 (ACEA E-9) oil to remain in compliance with emission levels. 10W-30 is the recommended weight through the break in period.


Q When is Break-In Plus available?

Break-In Plus is already available in Canada and the United States. Roll out to other regions will be announced as product is staged for release in those areas.


Q What machines is Break-In Plus being put into?

Break-In Plus is an aftermarket product at this time. It is available at factories for fill of IT4 engines being installed into pre-production units as required and it will be used on all assembly lines that adopt wet sleeve IT4 engines equipped with DPF devices moving forward.


Q What is the factory fill for the 2.4 and 3.0 liter cast block and sleeve engines, and what is the initial service recommendation? Did it change?

These engines currently use Plus-50 10W-30 as their factory fill. The initial service interval remains unchanged at 500 hours. Any changes to either of these details will be communicated.


Q Is it a requirement to go a full 500 hour break-in period when using Break-In Plus?

No. Surface mating is expected to be achieved after 100 hours of operating the engine under various conditions, particularly heavy loads with minimal idling. The engine oil may be switched to the intended service oil, preferably Plus-50 II, anytime after the initial 100 hours has been reached, and up to the maximum recommended oil service interval per the Operators Manual.


Q Can a customer top-off with Plus 50 II in the break-in period?

After the initial 100 hours with Break-In Plus, the customer may top-up with Plus 50 II.


Q What if the customer runs Break-In Plus for 100 hours and goes to Plus 50 II?

This is acceptable. When break-in procedures are followed to operate the engine under various conditions, particularly heavy loads with minimal idling, to help seat engine components properly, it should effectively occur by 100 operating hours. Once this has occurred, the operator may continue topping off and servicing the engine with Break-In Plus through the initial oil service interval. Alternately, as the rings and liners have now aligned mating surfaces, the operator may move forward to use the preferred service fluid, Plus-50 II.


Q Is Break-In Plus 15W-40 or 10W-30?

Break-In and Break-In Plus are in the 10W-30 family bracket.


Q Why can John Deere engines now experience a 500 hour break-in service interval?

The same technology and performance advancements we are using in the development of Plus-50 II have been applied to John Deere Break-In Plus. This, combined with the noted Sulfur level reduction in diesel fuel supports our offering of this opportunity.


Order information


Part number



Pkg. qty.


Break-In Plus Special Purpose Engine Oil

3.78 L (1 Gal.)



Break-In Plus Special Purpose Engine Oil

18.9 L (5 Gal.)



Break-In Plus Special Purpose Engine Oil

208 L (55 Gal.)


Note: After the break-in period, use John Deere Plus-50 II Premium Engine Oil


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