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Genuine John Deere Straw Walker Bearings



Carrying A Heavy Load

Straw walker bearings are responsible for the performance and long life of the straw walker unit.

Perfect self-lubrication is essential, as the wooden bearings are not connected to a lubrication system. The bearing must be able to release the lubricant steadily as working temperatures increase. In addition, they must not warp, even if major factors such as temperature or humidity change. Finally, they should not open, crack or break, as that would allow dust to enter the bearings and accelerate wear. Nor should they ever close and seize on the shaft.



A visible difference

The incorrect grain direction is clearly visible on the non-genuine bearing. This faulty design can lead to a weak middle section of the half-bushing, causing the bearing to collapse.



Lubricant capacity
To determine lubricant volume, the half-bushings were placed in a furnace. Over a 14-hour period, the temperature of the furnace was gradually increased from 80 C to 220 C to mimic the actual temperature of a working straw walker.
The test revealed that the non-genuine bearing contained 1.2 g of lubricant, while the John Deere bearing contained 27.5 g of lubricant.




Genuine John Deere Bearing
Straw walker bearings have a large lubricant capacity. In this test the bearing held 27.5 g of lubricant.








JD straw walker.jpg



Non-genuine Bearing
Other straw walker bearings tested only had a capacity of 1.2 g of lubricant.


non-JD straw walker.jpg








Temperature influence
Using the same test, the top portions of these bushings were exposed to increasing temperatures for 14 hours. After its exposure to this heat, the non-genuine bearing shows significant warping. The John Deere bearing constructed of a wood with low internal tension, withstood temperatures with little change to its shape.




Genuine John Deere Bearing
A comparison between a bearing that has not gone through the temperature test (bottom) with one that has (top) shows no significant difference.



JD bushing.jpg








Non-genuine Bearing
Here, the bearing shows considerable warping (top) after having gone through the temperature test.



non-JD bushing.jpg








Part No


Use On


Straw walker bearing set of 2 half-blocks

2000, 2200 and 1100 Series combines from SNO58533 and 9000WTS, W and T Series combines



Straw walker bearing single element; order 2 halves

900, 1000 and 1100 series combines until SNO58532; and 1450 and 1550 Series combines (-46296)



Straw walker bearing single element; order 2 halves

1450/1550 and 1470/1570 Series combines (starting from SNO46297)




Last modified: 22/07/10