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        Service tips for all grease guns:

        Priming the TY26689 Aluminum Pistol-Grip Grease Gun

        Servicing 12V and 14.4V Battery Powered Grease Guns (not dispensing grease)



Service tips for all grease guns:

A common occurrence with all grease gun equipment is trapped air pockets in the grease. Trapped air causes zero or reduced grease discharge. Removing air pockets from grease is referred to as Force Priming or Air Bleeding.

It is highly recommended to prime the grease gun before it is used for the first time. Also, anytime in operation if grease stops coming out, the most probable cause is trapped air in the grease. Follow the steps listed below to remove trapped air.


1.  Once grease is loaded into the grease cylinder, fasten the grease gun head. Do not fully tighten the head; leave at least about 2-3 turns.

2.  Pull back the plunger rod and lock it with the end cap.

3.  Now fully tighten the grease gun head onto the cylinder.

4.  Make sure grease gun handle is in open position.


Air release valve

Pistol Grease Gun

Air release valve

Lever Grease Gun

5.  Disconnect the plunger rod from the end cap and rotate the rod. Plunger rod has a notch towards the plunger end. This notch when placed in line with the opening on the steel cap below the plunger, will unlock the plunger from the rod. When rotated with the notch not facing the opening on the steel cap, will lock the plunger to the rod. You need to lock the plunger to the rod.

6.  Now push the plunger rod inside the cylinder. If it goes in easily, then the plunger is not locked to the rod. Otherwise you would need to exert pressure to force the plunger against the grease in the cylinder. While doing so, keep the air release valve pressed.





7.  This action will force all trapped air in the grease to escape from the air release valve. Repeat a few times until all trapped air is released.

8.  Now rotate the plunger rod again to disconnect it from the plunger and push it inside the grease gun cylinder.

9.  Start operating the grease gun. Grease will start flowing out. Keep running it until a bubble free stream of grease flows out. If this does not happen, then there is still some trapped air in the grease. Repeat the above steps to once again bleed the gun.

10. Once all the trapped air is forced out of the grease, connect the extension and coupler to the gun outlet. Use a thread sealant for a leak-proof connection

11. Once again operate the gun until grease starts coming out of the grease coupler.

Note: If in regular use the grease stops flowing, follow the above steps to prime the gun without having to remove the extension and coupler.

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Priming the TY26689 Aluminum Pistol-Grip Grease Gun

When using some thick greases, and in some low temperature applications, the TY26689 Pistol-Grip Grease Gun may need to be Force Primed. Please see instructions below.


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Servicing 12V and 14.4V Battery Powered Grease Guns (not dispensing grease)

Battery powered grease guns, such as the TY26698 (12-volt grease gun), may experience issues with not dispensing grease. This may be due to a contamination in the outlet check valve that can be removed with a simple cleaning. Please see service instructions below.



*Part No Longer Available


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