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John Deere Hy-GARD® JDM J20C Transmission & Hydraulic Oil


For the ultimate in performance and protection for your transmission/hydraulic system, rely on John Deere Hy-GARD®.

John Deere Hy-GARD® provides the absolute best performance and wear protection for John Deere hydraulic and transmission systems.

John Deere Hy-GARD® is recommended for equipment with either common system reservoirs or separate transmission and hydraulic systems including those with wet brakes and wet clutches.

John Deere Hy-GARD® is an exclusive formulation containing a viscosity improver additive to assure optimum viscosity at all temperatures. This additive provides critical component protection, especially during start up and under heavy load.

John Deere Hy-GARD® also contains friction modifiers to provide smoother clutch engagement and higher braking capacity with minimum chatter.

John Deere Hy-GARD® exceeds JDM J20C specifications and only John Deere Hy-GARD® meets John Deere’s exacting performance requirements.


John Deere Hy-GARD® JDM J20C Transmission & Hydraulic Oil

5 litres          CP1565
20 litres         CP1566
205 litres       CP1567
1,000 litres    CP2103




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